Stephan likes to brake his bones as a hobby, is driver/co-driver/navigator in the team. Prefers the Volvo, off course.

Stephan Kramer

Fabio is the oldest member of the team, but we advice you not to use this against him. Especially old Pirates can get unpredictable over the years. Fabio is the technician of the team. He doesn’t know what millimeters are, he only uses micrometer. He takes new parts apart to check if they are oke, or to see if they need improving. You can call him crazy, but we don’t dare… He prefers the Volvo, off course.

Fabio Goldenbeld

Martine, daughter of our technical Guru, she restaurated a Fiat 500 by herself. She lives from Design and Art, actually she is a piece of Art herself. Prefers the Volvo, off course.

Martine Goldenbeld

Roy is caught on camera with a fruit snack, most probably the first and last time ever that this happens. He lives on Cola, owns a Volvo C303 and a Landcruiser.

Roy van Oorsouw

Bart has been a pirate all his life, but is very, very domesticated right now. Likes to be patted on the head, if you can reach.
Is driver / co-driver / navigator in the team. And off course the team’s intellectual and guru.
Also owner of the very sexy Range Rover Bobtail. Prefers the Volvo, off course.

Bart Doeswijk