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R1-Trophy | 5-9 may 2014

The R1-Trophy is an off-road and navigation competition for teams of 2 or 3 offroad vehicles. The goal is to drive offroad tracks and stages from start to finish as fast as possible or to use the shortest tracks.

The difficulty of the competition is ”middle to hard”. Yes, it will be a hard week, but by nature we are looking forward to serve you a competition without ”material battles”. Our main goal is still the carful handling of material, terrain and vehicle.
There is a big difference to other trophys: Navigation at R1-Trophy is not only driving with road bookfrom start to finish. During an two-day-special the Navigation needs to be done with GPS. This means that the participants often have to find a personal route (the shortest track) instead of only following a roadbook track.

The teams compete with each other in several disciplines for 5 days:
– Skillful and careful handling with the offroad vehicle
– Handling with the winch
– Navigation with road book
– Navigaiton with GPS
– All-round ability, good strategies and endurance
– Teamwork

As participation of the competition should be open to almost everybody who owns an appropriate vehicle and have those skills we try to achieve ”best value for money”. And it’s not all about money. Fun, positive atmosphere, a friendly manner, helpfulness, respect instead of verbal demotions – that’s what we are looking for.