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catfish farming in nigeria

Catfish farming activities is one of the most lucrative but mind tasking business; the Catfish farming business is one you can actually venture into today. The farmers, under the aegis of the Catfish Farmers Association of Nigeria (CAFAN) met with the former President, who is a founding member of … 2) Tilapia. In Nigeria, the demand for fish is 2.66 million metric tonnes and only 1.4 million metric tonnes is available of which the country imports over 500 000 mt annually. The reason for this is that it is the species of fish that is the easiest to farm. Catfish farming is no doubt one of the most lucrative businesses you can go into in Nigeria now. A pharmaceutical company who will research into drugs for catfishes will do well in Nigerian market. Catfish farming is increasingly becoming an attractive form of agriculture for many Nigerians especially young people. Catfish Farming In Nigeria | Business Plan Sample is a free guide for beginners. Many people go into catfish farming in Nigeria because it is the simplest type of fish species to farm. Like we always say this: 60% of Nigerians loves eating fish (most especially catfish). Starting the business will expose you to so many opportunities which will generate lots of money to you. This involves building earthen, concrete or tarpaulin ponds, stocking the fingernails or juveniles and feeding the fish till market size. Catfish Farming Business Plan In Nigeria 2020 PDF. Knowing a little on Catfish farming generally is a good way to startup. Catfish Farming in Nigeria. Farming fish which belongs to the part of agriculture referred to as ‘aquaculture’ is catching the eye of many people as the prospects of profit, especially at first glance seem motivating enough. Fish farming is the fastest-growing animal husbandry industry in Nigeria and many parts of the world. In Nigeria of today, there are not many drugs specifically manufactured for catfishes. It is a well-known fact that the fish is one of the most widely consumed in our country today. Catfish Farming in Nigeria. Furthermore, there are several types of catfish in the world today. Catfish farming is the act of growing one of the diverse group of ray-finned fish for commercial purpose in Nigeria. You can start making cash through catfish farming in Nigeria. Firstly, there are smart ways to Catfish Farming In Nigeria | Business Plan Sample. Catfish farming in Nigeria can be a bit challenging but it can also be very profitable if you know what you’re doing. In an effort to assist the small to medium fingerlings producers, the Aquaculture and inland fisheries project has carried out training programme with more than 120 fish farmers benefiting. In most parts of Africa, the most cultured species is Tilapia and Catfish . Tilapia is the second most reared fish species in Nigeria after the catfish. The business has been billed as one of the most profitable businesses in the agricultural farming … Many of my readers have asked questions on how much to spend on raising certain number of catfishes. All these while, catfish farmers in Nigeria have depended so much on poultry drugs to cure catfish diseases. Tilapia naturally lives in … So if you are looking for Agribusiness to venture into, then you should consider catfish farming.

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